As you probably know, Trick or Treating sometimes means more tricks than treats. Witches, Goblins and Lions are welcome to visit our homes one night a year but Porch Pirates and other thieves are never invited!  Whether you plan to stay at home and dish out treats or especially if you will be making the rounds with your children, make sure everything is locked up nice and tight.  There are pirates about, and that isn’t referring to the cute children walking around with eye patches. Porch pirates, vandals and other bad actors take advantage of the anonymity that costumes provide and the general chaos of the holiday to take whatever they want for themselves.  Stealing yard decorations has always been a problem but with the rise of home deliveries, not even our deliveries are safe from costumed chaos. The fact that it is getting darker earlier gives porch package thieves a helping hand as well.  Add in the increased alcohol consumption that runs from Halloween through the New Year, and you have a recipe for trouble. 


Generally, most crimes on Halloween and throughout the holidays occur between 7:00 PM and 1:00 AM - the exact time that most trick or treaters are out and about, trying to find that one house that gives out full sized candy bars. According to a 2016 Travelers Insurance report, while property crime (like vandalism) is the most common crime to happen on Halloween, 60% of vandalism is accompanied by theft. It gets worse, not only do costumed troublemakers steal Halloween decorations and egg houses, but porch pirates have gotten bold enough to steal packages right off people’s porches! If only there was a way to prevent them from plundering your package off your porch!  Spoiler alert - there is a full proof way to protect your deliveries!



What you can do to protect your packages.

Batten down the hatches on your purchases by using a smart delivery porch box. While there may not be a perfect solution for the decoration theft (short of nailing everything down), you can protect your purchases. There are a few companies out there that offer secure package delivery boxes, but none are at the level that Loxx Boxx has achieved.  They even give you a Safe Receipt Guarantee for your peace of mind.  The engineers at Loxx Boxx have created a super smart secure drop off box for receiving and protecting incoming deliveries while keeping you in the loop.  The fortified steel box and accompanying phone app notifies you when someone opens the box or tampers with it.  You know immediately when your packages arrive and that they are safe and secure.  You can even monitor the temperature to be sure food and medicine deliveries are secure and safe from temperature extremes and monsters.  


If you get a delivery this Halloween, you can have the peace of mind that the courier will place the package into your secure Loxx Boxx. Each user has a unique code, which ensures that no porch pirate will be able to open your treasure chest and take off with your booty! Go to that party you were invited to, take your kids trick or treating, go see the newest Halloween movie, all while knowing that your package delivery box is protecting your deliveries from porch pirates, the elements and other dastardly deeds.




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