The age of grocery deliveries is exciting! However, navigating through each option and deciding on one that is right for you can be quite a challenge. Especially when you know you won’t be home to retrieve the food upon delivery. That’s why it is always a great option to pick up a package receiving solution, such as Loxx Boxx

Loxx Boxx offers not only the most protection from physical calamities, but it also offers some of the best features for the emergence of food deliveries. Food deliveries come with many benefits; however, companies struggle to balance fresh deliveries with changing temperatures. When delivery services leave food on your doorstep, it’s almost like they set off a timer because that food is now no longer insulated, or its packaging begins to suffer. Until the time you pick up your delivery that food is becoming less and less fresh. This is a huge issue if you intend to enjoy it.

Temperature is a key component to keeping your food deliveries as fresh as they can be and yet there is a wide range of strategies that companies utilize to attempt to ensure freshness. The most common packaging type includes simply placing the deliveries inside plastic, paper, or recyclable bags. This offers very little longevity, but the hope is that you are there when the delivery arrives. Some companies utilize insulated bags, sometimes with frozen gel inserts to try to increase the lifespan of the food. While this is a better alternative, it is not full proof depending on how many deliveries have been made before you. There are also national meal services that deliver the food inside of a cardboard box, lined with insulation and frozen gel packs. The boxes are the most effective way of keeping the food fresh but often require recurring service contracts.

Loxx Boxx knows that this is a huge challenge for consumers. That’s why Loxx Boxx comes with a temperature monitor.  You may not always be home when your groceries or food delivery arrives.  Perhaps you got caught in traffic or the game went into extra innings but no worries.  With the Loxx Boxx temperature monitor, you can receive real-time updates on the internal temperature in your box which allows you to make some decisions on the best way to keep your food fresh. If you see temperatures rising, perhaps you could send a one-time code to a neighbor to run over and grab them for you.  If the temperature stays relatively low, then your veggies should be safe and sound. Either way, monitoring the temperature is likely safer than allowing a stranger in your house to place them directly in your refrigerator and cheaper than placing a refrigerator outside your home.

So, no matter how you receive your groceries and prepared foods, Loxx Boxx is the perfect assistant to help you keep your food fresher and provide peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to be home to meet the delivery driver.  



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