Loxx Boxx - Secure Package Attendant

Win the Fight Against Porch Pirates.

Protect your deliveries your way:
Loxx Boxx offers Wi-Fi and LTE connection technologies in 2 sizes and 6 colors.
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Don't Be The Next Victim

Package theft is on the rise, and many preventative measures are ineffective.

  • Doorbell cameras only record crimes; they don't prevent them, and the footage is often grainy.
  • Home security systems cannot guarantee immediate protection or law enforcement response in the event of theft.
  • Package insurance coverage ends when the delivery company snaps a photo of the parcel on your porch.

Keep your parcels safe from porch pirates with Loxx Boxx: the only anchored steel box on the market that guarantees safe receipt.

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Exactly what I was needing. Super easy to setup and the app is easy to use!  Thank You.

— Christi from Eureka, IL

I bought a large LoxxBoxx after a thief stole a box that had been left on the porch overnight. The box arrived quickly and the installation of the bolts to secure it to the porch was relatively easy. It has a magnetic sign with instructions on how to use the LoxxBoxx to make it easier for delivery drivers. I'm glad I bought this security box for my packages. I would recommend this to others.

— Amanda Salazar

This locker is fabulous. It's super large, holds large boxes and many grocery bags. I am in a wheelchair making it hard to ship. I use this not only for receiving packages, but also for picking up my shipments for my small business. I can leave them put overnight knowing they are safe. Most important, their customer service is outrageously good!

— L. Smith

“The Loxx Boxx is a superior smart delivery box that gets almost everything exactly right.”

“This is a great product.”

— Michael Brown, Executive Editor @TechHive

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“Loxx Boxx was the easiest smart delivery box to assemble.”

“We liked the ability to use the box for drop-off and pickup. This feature will come in handy if you are running a small business out of your house.”

— Mark Westlake, CEO & Founder @gearbrain