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Don't Be The Next Victim

Crime is rising in our communities, and doorbell cameras, home security contracts, and parcel insurance are not solutions to parcel theft.

  • Doorbell cameras take grainy videos - they don't stop the crime from happening.
  • Home security systems only report the theft to you and the authorities once it's happened.
  • Insurance coverage ends when the delivery company snaps a photo of the parcel on your porch.

None of these options prevent the crime from happening or the rising prices because of it. Loxx Boxx is the only anchored steel box on the market that guarantees safe receipt.

Keep your parcels safe from porch pirates with Loxx Boxx.
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Don't Let Criminals Win In The Fight Against Porch Pirates.

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For those seeking flexible payment options, DefenderMaxx is the perfect solution. DefenderMaxx provides all the benefits of the Defender LTE plan but bundles a Loxx Boxx, solar panel, and Package Protection Plan into a low monthly payment over 3 years.

*36 month contract and shipping required.

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The Best Solution

Loxx Boxx actually solves the problem and guarantees the results.

Other Parcel Boxes
Doorbell Camera
Secures Packages on Arrival
Wi-Fi Enabled
LTE (Cellular) Enabled
24/7 Monitoring Of Activity
Tracks Package Movement
Sends Real-Time Activity Notifications
Monitors Internal Temperature
Fully Assembled Steel Construction
Does Not Require Professional Installation
Does Not Require External Power
Guarantees Safe Receipt Of Packages With Up To $500 In Coverage For Theft
Other Parcel Boxes
Doorbell Camera


Exactly what I was needing. Super easy to setup and the app is easy to use!  Thank You.

— Christi from Eureka, IL

I bought a large LoxxBoxx after a thief stole a box that had been left on the porch overnight. The box arrived quickly and the installation of the bolts to secure it to the porch was relatively easy. It has a magnetic sign with instructions on how to use the LoxxBoxx to make it easier for delivery drivers. I'm glad I bought this security box for my packages. I would recommend this to others.

— Amanda Salazar

This locker is fabulous. It's super large, holds large boxes and many grocery bags. I am in a wheelchair making it hard to ship. I use this not only for receiving packages, but also for picking up my shipments for my small business. I can leave them put overnight knowing they are safe. Most important, their customer service is outrageously good!

— L. Smith

“The Loxx Boxx is a superior smart delivery box that gets almost everything exactly right.”

“This is a great product.”

— Michael Brown, Executive Editor @TechHive

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— Author's name

“Loxx Boxx was the easiest smart delivery box to assemble.”

“We liked the ability to use the box for drop-off and pickup. This feature will come in handy if you are running a small business out of your house.”

— Mark Westlake, CEO & Founder @gearbrain