young family showing the revolutionary delivery app on their phone as they use their subscription plan to loxxboxx to protect their deliveries from porch pirates

Our Service Keeps you informed, Keeps your Packages Safe, and Protects Your Investment in Purchases That Arrive at your Home.

My loxx boxx app showing that the phone is connected to the loxxboxx. Other features like a getting started video, temperature monitoring, and recent activity and deliveries are shown as well
  • We Notify You of all Package Movement Regardless of Carrier

  • We Validate All Boxx Access

  • our safe receipt guarantee Removes the financial risk Of stolen deliveries.

  • We monitor temperature for grocery and prescription deliveries.
  • We Send Alerts of attempted Break-in or Theft

  • Our Technology Allows for Simple Sharing of access with friends.

  • We Offer Quick scheduling for uSPS to Pick Up packages directly from Your Home

  • Monitored Boxxes Receive Over-The-Air updates so your boxx will have the latest features and security.

  • "Alexa Do Have any Loxx Boxx Deliveries?" - Yes, Alexa is Integrated.

  • Extended Electronics Warranty Comes with Monitoring

  • Monitoring allow for Remote Unlock for LTE connected Boxxes

  • Try it free for 30 days

Monitoring is not required but recommended.  Loxx Boxx will work with a fixed code, but monitoring is required for the above features.

safe receipt guarantee logo in front of the loxxboxx


  • as a subscriber, you get our safe receipt guarantee!
  • in the unlikely event that a delivery is stolen from your loxx boxx, we will pay $500 towards the replacement.


  • With Monitoring Service, you get our safe receipt guarantee!
  • in the unlikely event that a delivery is stolen from your loxx boxx, we will pay $500 towards the replacement.

safe receipt guarantee logo in front of the loxxboxx

Stay Informed With Real-Time Updates

• Your Mobile Device Gets Alerts On All LoxxBoxx Activity.

• You'll Know The Moment Your Package Arrives.

• Temperature Monitoring Helps Protect Sensitive Items.

Internal Temperature Monitoring

• No need to be home to accept grocery deliveries.

• User can set the threshold for temperature notifications.

• Allows for contactless delivery and gives you the freedom to accept perishable deliveries without letting someone inside your home.

• Selecting Grocery as a delivery type automatically turns on temperature monitoring.

Tracks All Deliveries

• Works With All Major Delivery Carriers.

• Track All Deliveries, From All Carriers, In One App.

• Real-Time Status Updates For Tracked Packages

• Keeps Your Order & Delivery History.

Get Tracking & More!

• Customize And Share Your Delivery Information.

• App Updates Status Of Deliveries For You.

• No Need To Search Through Emails For Tracking Numbers Again.

Tamper Alarm

• Built in Alarm serves as a theft deterrent.

• The alarm is an added layer of protection and security and if triggered, sends you a notification.

Added Security Features

• App Automatically Creates One-Use Access Codes From Tracking Numbers.

• Carriers Can Only Access Box Once.

• Keeps Log Of Access Code Use.

• Manage Access Code Permissions With Ease.

Technology Updates

• Loxx Boxx receives updates each time it is opened.

• Loxx Boxx is in continuous development of our products, for security and ease of use, these updated features are included as part of our service.

Bluetooth  and LTE Unlock Feature

Bluetooth can Unlock the Loxx Boxx from the App in close proximity of the Boxx

LTE Boxxes can be Unlocked and Locked from ANYWHERE there is a cellular signal.

Cord Free with Portable Power bank for Charging & Long-Life Battery

• No ugly cords or need for an outlet

• Freedom to place the Boxx in the location you choose.

• No need for frequent charging, battery lasts 2-3 months.

• The app even lets you know when the battery is low.