Common Questions

Creating Deliveries in the App

Creating a delivery shouldn't be hard or time-consuming. Click here to view the “Creating A Delivery” instructional video.

Using phone's Share Feature to add a tracking number to the App.
How to Charge and Set Master Code

Click here to see the "How to Charge and Set Master Code" instructional video

  1. Start with the Loxx Boxx open.
  2. Press and hold the inside learn button for approximately 2 seconds or until the Loxx Boxx begins to beep and shows a yellow LED above the POWER button.
  3. Within 10 seconds, enter a passcode by pressing the keypad buttons (make sure to enter the passcode quickly, as the Loxx Boxx will time out with 2 seconds of inactivity between button presses.)
  4. With each keypad press, the Loxx Boxx will beep indicating that the key press was recorded. The passcode must be 5-10 digits.
  5. Press Power to save the code.
  6. Test the new code before closing the Boxx
Can my friends use my Loxx Boxx?

You can send a friend a passcode directly from the App. This will allow them access to the Loxx Boxx at your discretion, and notify you when the code is used.

What keeps someone from stealing the Loxx Boxx?

The Boxx is heavy on its own and difficult to move. If the Tamper alarm is armed, movement of the Boxx would trigger an audible alarm and send you a notification. We always recommend securing the Boxx, but suggest that you make sure you are comfortable with the Boxx location before you bolt the Boxx into location.

How often do I Charge my Loxx Boxx?

This depends on the frequency of use, but the Boxx can hold a charge up to 2 months. Because we do not want a clumsy cord or to be dependent on an outlet, each Loxx Boxx comes with a remote charger pack that can be charged inside your home then used to charge the Boxx in a remote location.

LTE connected products require a solar panel, as they maintain a connection with carrier at all times.

How do you get carriers to use the Boxx?

We have had great success with delivery drivers using Loxx Boxx. If you share a Tracking Number into the App, the last 4 digits of the tracking number become a one-time use code. There are instructions on the Boxx for the carrier to use the tracking number. Alternatively you can put an access code or delivery instructions in your shipping address as referenced below. It is also beneficial to explain to a postal worker or delivery person how the Boxx works and that the simple design will not slow them down on their delivery route.

Example: John Doe
Deliver Into Loxx Boxx
123 No Pirates Lane
Parcel Perfect, USA

Example: Jane Doe
Deliver Into Loxx Boxx: Code 1234
123 No Pirates Lane
Parcel Perfect, USA

Do I need Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is recommended. This will allow your Loxx Boxx to update with our servers and for you to receive accurate and current information in the Loxx Boxx App

What do the different LED lights represent?


How do I mount the Loxx Boxx?

We got you covered! Click below to read and download our guide on 'How to Mount your Loxxboxx'. Click here to read 'Ground Mount Instructions'.