4 ways to improve office efficiency and package security.

Deliveries are a way of life, whether at home or the office. We see packages from Amazon, UPS, and FedEx roll through the workplace almost every day  Keeping those packages safe and secure means having an employee physically receive the package. While I’m always happy to see our orders delivered, it does add up to a lot of interruptions. Instead of having my staff drop what they are doing to receive for a package, we’ve opted for a Loxx Boxx parcel security lock box

A new system for receiving packages in the office.  

This has been a great purchase! My employees are able to stay on task without as many interruptions, and all our packages are neatly and securely placed in one easy-to-access location.  We’ve learned this type of package security box has multiple uses beyond being a secure receptacle for daily deliveries.  

Here’s the top 4 uses I’ve found for my Loxx Boxx. 

  1. Our smart delivery lock box accepts packages from all the major delivery companies, but the benefits don’t stop there. The Loxx Boxx app alerts me when something is delivered, telling me when and by which company.  I get this information in real time, so if I’m waiting on a delivery I get instantly notified!  And if I can wait, I know my parcels and packages are safe and secure in the steel lock box until it’s convenient for me to get them.  If it is a package that we need immediately, I know exactly when it arrives and can hustle out to the box and retrieve it.  Very easy and super efficient.   Included temperature monitoring means I know the package is in a safe environment until I can find time to pick it up. 
  2. We often have documents and other items that our clients need to pick up, but they can’t get by our office during regular hours.  To solve this recurring problem, we can create a one time use code for my client to use in these situations. They can come by anytime day or night or even on the weekend and pick up their item at their convenience. This has been huge for us, and our clients love it!
  3. Our business uses independent contractors who sometimes prefer to pick up their check (vs venmo or snail mail) but have busy schedules. With our LoxxBoxx, we can just leave the check in the secure box and with a one time use code generated in the Loxx Boxx app, they can swing by and pick it up at their convenience. This has been a winner for contractors that don’t want to wait for their money to arrive in the mail.
  4. Outgoing parcels can be left for delivery companies as well. If UPS, USPS or Fed Ex has a pickup at our office, they can just open the box and be on their way. Once again, easy and efficient with no lost productivity!

A modern and secure package delivery system!

Not only is this a smart and secure lock box but it even has a solar panel to keep the control pad charged and ready 24/7 365!

To sum it up, I think businesses that get deliveries or have outgoing items that need to be picked up in a safe and secure fashion should invest in a Loxx Boxx secure package delivery system. They even have a safe receipt guarantee to be sure you have peace of mind knowing your packages are safe.  I call it a system because they have elevated the idea of a super strong lock box to a modern and smart receiving/outgoing package security system that keeps you in the loop and keeps your deliveries safe!  

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