Solar Panel

  • Product Description

      The Loxx Boxx Solar panel is designed to provide a slow continuous charge to the 2nd Generation Loxx Boxx Electronics Panel.  In most cases the panel will eliminate the need for charging your Loxx Boxx with the battery pack.


      The 5 Watt 6 Volt solar panel is waterproof, lightweight and designed to work with your Loxx Boxx device.

      • High-efficiency solar cells
      • UV- and scratch-resistant ETFE coating
      • 4 Magnetic Feet for Mounting.
      • 12" cable compatible with Loxx Boxx hardware.
      • UV resistant (8-10 year life)

      Size and Weight

      • 5.7 x 9.57 x .24 inches
      • 145 x 243 x 6 mm
      • 300 grams


      • Open Circuit Voltage: 7.2V
      • Peak Voltage: 6.0V
      • Peak Current: 1.04A
      • Peak Power: 6.2W
      • Power Tolerance: +/-10%

      Output Cable

      • Cable Length: 50cm
      • Cable Color: Red PU Coated
      • Plug: Waterproof Male 3.5x1.1mm


      1 year warranty