If you are one of the millions of Americans that have a Prime, Walmart+, or another online subscription service, you need a Loxx Boxx to protect your purchases.  Recent studies estimate that the average American household spends over $7,500 per year on online purchases.  With the rise in theft and crime, can you afford to leave your purchases exposed to the weather and porch pirates? 

Loxx Boxx is a secure home parcel locker that leverages cutting-edge technology to track your packages all the way to your home.  With over 100,000 packages safely received, Loxx Boxx is a proven solution for package security.  They are so confident in Loxx Boxx’s ability to protect your packages that they offer a Safe Receipt Guarantee.  Included in their $1.99 package monitoring fee is a provision that covers the cost of theft for any package stolen out of the box.  For only 7 cents a day, you get peace of mind knowing your packages are safe and the assurance that if something happens you are covered. 

Loxx Boxx can even schedule package pick-ups by USPS, saving you a trip to the post office and saving the cost of gas to get you there.  As the only battery-powered, cellular-enabled parcel solution on the market, you can place Loxx Boxx by your home, curbside, by a gate, or anywhere you want to receive packages.  With the optional solar panel, your Boxx is always charged.  With the cellular service, your Boxx is always open for delivery, regardless of your Wi-Fi strength. 

Get your Loxx Boxx today.

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