Why You Need To Have A Package Delivery Storage Box

It’s become a necessity. People need a package delivery box to protect their deliveries.

Getting parcels delivered is part of life now, even for those who rarely shop online. Over 14 billion packages were delivered in the United States in 2019. And then COVID-19 happened, and that number grew exponentially. Along with crimes like package theft and porch piracy. 

People depend on online deliveries for their shopping, but not many of them have a way to secure their parcels once they arrived. Opportunistic crooks took advantage. Today, over 36% of Americans report having been victims of porch pirates at some point or another. And those porch package thefts are rising.

LoxxBoxx, a safe delivery box, would’ve stopped those criminals. The state of the art porch-mounted package delivery storage box gives couriers a safe place to store parcels upon delivery, where they’re secure until the homeowners are able retrieve them. Using cameras, hiding packages from the road, or asking for help from neighbors is insufficient. No other solution is as foolproof as a secure package storage locker. 


What to look for when getting an outdoor parcel box?

The developers of LoxxBoxx are constantly striving to make sure people can order deliveries offline safely. That’s why their secure package delivery box is built-strong, budget-conscious and paired with a sophisticated mobile app that helps to protect your parcels and keep you alert.

  • Composed of welded steel.
  • Water and rust-resistant
  • Convenient floor mounting hardware
  • Attractive coating that resists fading
  • Digital panel to provide access through passcodes
  • Detachable power bank to keep device charged.
  • Built-in tamper alarms
  • Internal safety release
  • Single-use passcodes for delivery drivers
  • Constant activity updates through paired mobile app
  • Know the moment your package arrives, and that it is secure
  • Reasonable, subscription-based payment plan


With LoxxBoxx, your welded steel device is strong enough to keep crooks out, and welded tight so that rain water can’t damage your deliveries. It installs easily onto your porch and resists color fading, rust and other weather related damage. The box comes with a detachable power supply so the electricity can’t be disabled. It also features a tamper alarm to spook criminals who try to force the box open, and an internal safety release to protect children at play.

A porch-mounted strongbox from LoxxBoxx comes paired with sophisticated mobile app that can manage your deliveries and constantly keeps you informed of any activity. You’ll be able to control who can access the box easily by managing digital passcodes, which allow your delivery drivers one-time access to the secure parcel box. The developers at LoxxBoxx understand that adding attentive peace of mind to an effective delivery security system makes their customers feel confident about their online order.

LoxxBoxx is committed to people being able to shop safely online, and they provide a monthly subscription services to make sure your home package security isn’t cost-prohibitive. They also constantly keep their customers updated with blogs and other useful information to help them shop more securely.


Get a secure package delivery box and learn more about your package security, by visiting LoxxBoxx.com today.

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