How old were you, when you started noticing security cameras? Maybe you were five, standing in a gas station with a package of M&Ms and getting that cookie-jar-stealing look on your face, when your dad pointed them out. Now, cameras are everywhere. And most of us have come to believe that if a crime gets caught on camera, then a criminal gets punished. But as the thousands of porch pirate videos flooding the internet show, this just isn’t so.

Do Home Security Cameras Stop Porch Pirates from Stealing your Packages?

No, they don’t.  And, trying to recoup your loss might not be worth it.  Let’s play this scenario out: Your security surveillance videos show a porch pirate walking off with your son’s just-delivered Playstation. Now what do you do?

File a police report?  But the package stealing so-and-so was wearing a hoodie, so they couldn't identify him. There’s no motive other than “it was a nice big unprotected box sitting outside, so what the heck?” Sorry, they tell you. No leads means no dice.

File an insurance claim? They get back to you a week later and say they liked your video and they’ll cover the stolen deliveries. Great, but a little arithmetic shows that with the deductible and the knock to your insurance premiums, it’s just not worth it. 

Open a case with the delivery carrier.  But, the video proves they delivered it. In this case, the video works better for them than for you! 

Contact the Seller? So, you call the sender, who turns it around on you and demands to know why you weren’t more responsible with your package security.

All this adds up to a few frustrating hours of your life you won’t get back.

So now, just to be done with it, you’re about to pay full price for another delivery. Which may or may not get stolen again.

The big secret is that cameras aren’t enough. In this scenario, if you’d just purchased a simple locking smart box for your deliveries, you could have spent all this time enjoying what you bought instead of stressing out.


What’s The Most Effective Way To Protect My Deliveries?

The most effective way to protect your packages is a fully armed mercenary team with 24-hour rotating patrols. While that's the most effective way, it’s pretty expensive and, geez, what will the neighbors think?

Now, a more popular and reasonable option is a secure delivery strong box. These are porch-mounted steel lockers, where delivery drivers can safely store your packages so porch pirates don’t run off with them. Some smart boxes are paired with apps that assist with tracking and delivery confirmation as well as single-use codes. And like your home security cameras, they have built-in alert systems to tell you if the box is being opened or messed with.  This helps give you peace of mind.


You Can Avoid Frustration By Having Responsible Package Security

Don’t get me wrong, home security cameras are great for some things. They’ll help you feel safer from prowlers and tell you whenever the dog gets on the furniture. But cameras don’t stop porch pirates. And the added insult of having nothing but a video of thieves stealing from you can really sting. Take responsibility for your package security, all with a simple and affordable system that actually protects your deliveries.

Save yourself and others a lot of frustration, easily. Contact LoxxBoxx today and we’ll show you how.

Author - James Shaw, Freelance writer for the Security & Law Enforcement Industry. 

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