Every day we face an ever-prevalent problem. But we may not know it until it's too late. Every day this problem hits a new level. So, what is this problem? Package theft. Package theft is on the prowl and it's not stopping anytime soon, so long as it goes unnoticed. That’s why you need to know the true impact of this issue. Over a year more than 210 million packages are stolen, roughly 1% of the total per year. That number is a massive problem for both consumers and retailers because the monetary toll is roughly $30 billion in losses. That’s $30 billion hard earned dollars from millions of hard-working Americans who decide to spend what disposable income they have on items they desire.

This issue is a massive problem for you and the businesses and yet you usually carry the burden of trying to solve the problem. You must create claims, or police reports, a lot of times to no avail. Most importantly you must rely on yourself to try to prevent the theft from happening again, which can easily be a daunting task. Finding the best method for keeping deliveries safe while also keeping the process convenient is a challenge. However lucky for you there is an emergence of IOT solutions built to not only solve package theft but also give you just as much convenience as well.

This could be the Biggest Little Problem that large companies are not focused on. There are 124 million households in the US, and the average value of a package stolen is $150. That equates to every household experiencing $240 in losses each year.  In some cases, the retailer will replace the item and send you a replacement in which case the cost of replacement is essentially factored into their retail price.  In other cases, you own the risk of loss.  So, while you may not have been directly impacted so far, by having a package stolen, you are sharing in the cost of this problem.  Now is the time for US consumers to unite and say enough.  By investing in the new parcel box solutions and demanding delivery services use them, we can reverse this trend.  

With the help of parcel protection digitally controlled solutions not only could you be making a huge difference in your own life, but you could shake the industry up, giving businesses assurances that their products won’t be damaged or lost, and thus giving them the ability to lower the cost overall of their goods, most importantly it would save you money and hassle each year. So why wouldn’t you want to make life cheaper and easier?


A single purchase of Loxx Boxx’s package protection solution will save you tons, while also saving your packages. It can even help grow your business if you are creating and selling from home.

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