With Holidays coming up, now is a perfect time to get creative with all your holiday shopping. With Loxx Boxx the possibilities are endless.

If you or your loved one plans to keep presents a surprise, look no further than Loxx Boxx to keep the holiday mystery alive. With Loxx Boxx you can have all your presents delivered into one safe and secure spot away from all your children who might get a bit nosy. Loxx Boxx is perfect for hiding presents. In fact, we are receiving rumors that it might be Santa’s new favorite drop-off location, saving him the time and energy from having to go down all those chimneys.

With Loxx Boxx there is no end to the holiday cheer. Each package delivered into Loxx Boxx is a package that is sure to make the holidays extra special. With Amazon lowering the use of their boxes to disguise the contents of certain orders, you can rely on Boxx to guarantee that your surprises with remain surprises unless of course your kids have X-ray vision.

Loxx Boxx is there even when packages are not. It is perfect for helping you tackle the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you are at work or on vacation, Loxx Boxx is there for you. It will hold your deliveries safely while you are away. More importantly, Loxx Boxx gives you unrivaled flexibility. If you are away on vacation and a package gets delivered, having someone retrieve it for you can be as simple as creating and sending a one-time use code for them to grab the item until you return. Having your neighbor use a unique code gives you clear visibility on all the activity in the Loxx Boxx, letting you get back to what is most important, the vacation.

Look for more tips on how to get the most out of your Loxx Boxx. We wish you a happy and healthy Holiday Season. 

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