Secure Your Booty, Porch Pirates Loose in Denver! As of November, 2021, Denver has officially taken the championship belt for porch pirates from San Francisco. In the same study, it was found that 64% of Americans have had their package stolen in the last year- up from 50%! Thefts are especially prominent during holidays or big sales events such as Cyber Monday on Amazon. Security cameras just film delivery theft but don’t stop it.  Don’t worry though, new smart lock boxes for your porch offer a foolproof package security solution.

Smart security lock boxes not only keep porch pirates away from your booty but they also offer a real time updates on deliveries, box access and even temperature monitoring. About time too, the study also found that over 210 million packages were stolen in the US in 2021 alone! Package theft has gotten so bad in Denver that it’s not limited to packages- one resident claimed that thieves stole two ornamental trees right out of the ground in her front yard.  


The problem with porch piracy is that it’s so easy to get away with the crime even if security cameras film it  (who wants to deal with insurance, the police, the shipper and vendor).   This crime of opportunity means anyone walking by, even if they’ve never been a criminal, can walk up to an unguarded package and quickly snag it hoping for a high value item inside. Even having packages delivered to a hidden area on the porch doesn’t deter everyone. Professional porch pirates know where to look for hidden packages. After all, they’re professionals! 


Smart secure delivery boxes are an important asset for people living in Denver and other metropolitan areas affected by the porch pirate frenzy.  Ecommerce and package deliveries are only going to increase and so will the thefts.  Simply pointing a camera at our valuables does little to protect them from thieves.  To do that, we must secure our packages like we do all of our other valuables - behind locked doors.  This is what porch lock boxes offer and why they are such a great investment.  With real time alerts, notifications and one time access codes, Loxx Boxx offers an industry leading solution to package theft.  


Obviously, smart lock boxes aren’t free but are a great value when you consider what has been stolen, or could have been stolen from the front of your house while you were out and about. It’s worth the peace of mind and probably the items that would have never been seen again. Loxx Boxx can be purchased for $299.  If purchasing is out of your budget, Loxx Boxx offers great subscription deals which allow you to lease the Loxx Boxx for as low as $7.99 per month. 


Time to treat yourself to less package stress and greater peace of mind. 

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