Don’t fall into this trap that gives you a false sense of security:

You just installed a brand new security system. Cameras now see every square inch around your property and you feel good knowing that nobody will dare steal anything from you ever again. The security company even put a little sign out front that says your house is protected by them. While at work you see on the phone that the Amazon delivery driver placed your brand new coffee maker outside your front door.

An hour later, you check your phone again and you see a notification- a person was detected on your front porch. That’s weird, you think to yourself as you open the app to watch the video. Lo and behold, your brand new security system just sent you a movie of someone ignoring all the cameras, walking up to your porch, and taking your brand new coffee machine!

Unfortunately, Porch Pirates are a real issue.

There are people who treat this type of theft like it’s their day job and “shop” around while everyone else is at work. The professionals even know where all the secret hiding spots are so that no box is left undiscovered. In fact, over 210 million packages were estimated to have been stolen in the US in 2021. The crime is so easy to get away with and so hard to catch if you and your neighbors are at work, that there’s almost nothing you can do to prevent it from happening.

Until now.

Loxx Boxx is secure package protection defense against Porch Pirates.

The holiday season is fast approaching and regardless if Santa thinks your kids are naughty or nice, the packages with the presents that are left on the front porch are at risk of being taken. This holiday season, you can make sure that your gifts remain your gifts after they reach your house. Loxx Boxx is tackling the Porch Pirate problem in metropolitan areas.

Born out of necessity, Loxx Boxx was created when one of the founders came home one day to find all of the wrappings for Santa’s gifts she had ordered littering her yard. Now, Loxx Boxx is available in 49 states and ensuring that holiday deliveries aren’t stolen by the Grinch.

Loxx Boxx offers a couple of variations to their secure package container: The Loxx Boxx Classic ($299) and the Loxx Boxx Household ($399). There are also options to lease their product if the upfront cost is out of your budget. With the purchase of a Loxx Boxx, you’ll also get 90 days free of using the app to monitor deliveries and program the Loxx Boxx.

Unless you want to upload a YouTube compilation of Porch Pirates stealing your packages, invest in a Loxx Boxx for this holiday season!

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