With online shopping in the U.S. growing faster than ever, package theft is at an all-time high. Retail businesses and delivery companies have been quiet and yet to offer a solution. This has forced Americans to solve this crisis themselves.
C&R Research released a study sharing their 2020 U.S. package theft statistics.  Here are some of the main takeaways that every consumer should know before ordering online.

  • According to their report 59% of Americans receive some type of package on a weekly basis, which is up 10% from their 2019 report.

Package Theft Statistics

  • The number of Americans who reported having a package stolen rose 7% from 2019 when it recorded at 36% in 2019 to 43% in 2020

Stolen Package Data

  • The average cost of a stolen package was reported as $136.
  • 55% of Americans plan to order more items online this holiday season when compared to last year.

Holiday Stolen Package

Google search trends show where most Amazon package theft occurs, and its evident that the problem is escalating across the U.S.  

  • The average Amazon consumer buys 45 packages annually
  • While the average Amazon Prime customer reported 51 packages

Amazon Package Theft

Protecting Home Deliveries

Ecommerce is has grown at an unprecedented rate, and package theft is trending upward at an even faster pace.  Solutions for the problem are limited, as doorbell my show the crime happening but do little to thwart the theft and locker systems in retail spaces offer little convenience for the consumer.  There are methods for in home delivery, but many feel this is invasive.   

When it all comes down to the most secure form of package protection solution it is a completely lockable delivery box. Seeing how porch piracy is only going to rise in the future.






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