Why Are Porch Pirates A Thing? Package theft is a huge deal. Recent studies say that each and every day, an alarming 1.7 million packages are being swiped from porches across the United States. And as more and more people take to the internet for their shopping, the thefts and concerns only seem to keep growing. So it’s natural to ask, why the heck is this even a thing? What goes through the mind of a Porch Pirate?

Package Theft Is A Crime Of Opportunity

The majority of Porch Pirates are what we’d call Occasional Criminals. Some people won’t commit a crime unless a clear opportunity shows up during their daily routine. Think about people who steal from unlocked cars or don’t return lost wallets and phones. Just like those crimes, package theft takes no planning at all, very little skill, and the crooks almost always get away with it. Even the ones caught on video.


The research agrees. Most porch piracy happens in the daytime, when it’s easy to see the packages and the homeowners are usually away. Most thefts take less than 30 seconds. And having cameras is almost useless, especially compared to other package security devices like smart lockers. As discussed further below, some porch pirates actually like being filmed! Some people will steal from you just because you make it too easy.

Porch Piracy and The Lure of Infamy

Before 2011, we didn’t even have the term “porch pirates.” But online shopping has grown more popular, and the impact porch pirates have has become more real. There’s an understandable wellspring of anger towards them, and there are constant conversations on how to stop them. Ironically, that’s helped make porch piracy even more attractive.


Everytime you see viral camera footage of someone stealing packages off a porch, there’s somebody watching who wants to be that thief. Stealing is a thrill, and porch piracy is an easy and quick way to get it. For some, getting caught on camera and still getting away with it is just an extra kick. It’s not always about amusement, either. Some porch pirates say the loss and inconvenience they’ve caused is proper payback from those who aren’t as fortunate. 


There are a few especially irritated customers that are coming up with pranks to stop porch pirates.  And as fun and as creative as that is, it misses the eerie point: Some porch pirates see it as a game.

Protect Your Parcels Before It Gets Worse

For some crooks, it really is just about the money. US Citizens are getting more comfortable ordering high-dollar items online, and some porch pirates are getting more clever as they try to get the most of it. There are those who’ll actually follow UPS trucks around and steal packages as they’re dropped off. In some cases, the perpetrators actually are the delivery drivers


Whatever else is true, the problem is going to keep growing. Making it too easy to steal from, or only using insufficient security measures like cameras, will only invite these problems into your life. The best way to protect your packages is either sending them to work or a pickup office, or by installing a smart locker like LoxxBoxx. Give thieves no temptation or attention, and they’ll have to find someone who hasn’t wised up to steal from.

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