Contactless Delivery Safe Deliveries. When COVID hit in 2020, many people who’d never even tried to order online made delivery their primary shopping method. The CDC even started advising Contactless Delivery, meaning delivery drivers shouldn’t be making physical contact with anyone they’re delivering to. Now with new variants making headlines, it’s more important than ever to maintain safe distance and protect each other.

Anytime a new variant shows up, we get stuck in a be-concerned-but-don’t-panic mindset, which is arguably worse just for the uncertainty. Using simple prevention strategies like contactless delivery is a smart move, and other companies agree. Food services like GrubHub and UberEats have been making a point to offer contactless delivery for a while now, and Amazon even offers contact-free grocery options to keep you shopping. This trend is expected to continue, because the demand for this kind of service is skyrocketing.

Of course, it’s not perfect. We do have to worry about porch pirates. Crooks and opportunists of all stripes were probably licking their lips at a federal advisory telling delivery drivers to just leave food deliveries, grocery orders and expensive looking packages on the stoop instead of putting them in the hands of the recipients. Watch this video of a passby idly scoring a free lunch, only to have the Grub-Hub Driver call them out for it. 

Even though people do try to look out for one another, everyone’s busy. Really making contactless delivery work means being secure. Some companies, like Loxx Boxx, offer sophisticated storage lockers with internal temperature monitoring, making sure your deliveries stay safe, your food stays fresh, and you get app alerts the moment your order arrives. Other measures are also being tried, like number masking so drivers can call and inform the recipient of their order arriving without knowing your private information.

This pandemic will end one day. But in the meantime, keeping yourself safe doesn’t mean your life has to stop, and ordering from home doesn’t mean you need to watch your stoop like a hawk. Try contactless delivery to make sure you can still shop with your slippers on. And if you’re interested in learning more about securing your packages, check out our article here

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