Loxx Boxx Safe Receipt Guarantee

Last Updated: April 28, 2023

Loxx Boxx Safe Receipt Guarantee

Loxx Boxx, Inc. is so confident that we can stop porch pirates from stealing your deliveries that we are willing to offer you up to $100 toward the cost of any items stolen from your Boxx, subject to the terms and conditions below.

Deliveries Eligible for the Safe Receipt Guarantee

  • Only deliveries that meet the following criteria are eligible for the Safe Receipt Guarantee:
    1. The delivery must have been made to an address within the US
    2. The delivery must have been made by a commercial carrier to your residence or place of business.
    3. The carrier must have locked the delivered item(s) inside the Boxx.
    4. The tracking number for the delivery must have been entered in Loxx Boxx App “Deliveries” with an app created one time use code or a fixed access code.
    5. The delivered item(s) must have been stolen.
    6. The Boxx must have been anchored in place at the time of the theft.


  • This Safe Receipt Guarantee does not apply to: (i) instances where items have been placed in your Boxx other than in connection with a delivery by a commercial carrier; (ii) instances where items have been placed outside of your Boxx; (iii) deliveries made by anyone other than a commercial carrier; (iv) deliveries by a commercial carrier where the delivered items have not been locked inside your Boxx; (iv) damage to delivered items; (v) theft of your Boxx (whether or not a delivered package is inside the Boxx at the time of theft); or (vi) if the applicable Boxx was modified or damaged in any way prior to an eligible delivery; (vii) instances where items have been damaged due to the temperature inside the Boxx.

Customers Eligible for the Safe Receipt Guarantee

In order to make a Safe Receipt Claim, Customers:

  1. Must be owner and original purchaser of the applicable Boxx;
  2. Must have purchased the applicable Boxx directly from Loxx Boxx or approved 3rd party seller no more than 5 years prior to the eligible delivery.
  3. Must have had an active app subscription at the time of the applicable delivery.
  4. Must make a Safe Receipt Guarantee claim following all instructions below.

Safe Receipt Guarantee Claim Instructions

Safe Receipt Guarantee claims must be made via our online claims form.

To be valid, Safe Receipt Guarantee claims must be submitted to us within seven days of the eligible delivery (as determined by the carrier’s tracking information or delivery verification).

You must cooperate with our investigation of claim by providing us with any additional information or materials we deem necessary in order to verify eligibility for the Safe Receipt Guarantee. All information and materials that you provide us must be complete accurate and true. If we deem it necessary we may request that you send us the Boxx itself for inspection in connection with a claim, in which case we will provide you with a prepaid return shipping label for your Boxx. 

We reserve the right to deny claims that we cannot substantiate as eligible or that we find, in our sole and final determinate, to be fraudulent, false or misleading. 

Payment of the Safe Receipt Guarantee:

If Loxx Boxx Inc. finds, in its sole and final determination, that you are eligible for our Safe Receipt Guarantee, then we will pay you up to $100 toward the actual cost paid by you (excluding amounts paid in connection with shipping and taxes) for the items stolen in connection with the eligible delivery, up to a limit of $200 per customer per year.