How It Works

Secure Package Protection

With Loxx Boxx your packages are delivered into a secure location 
giving peace of mind when you aren’t home to receive them.

  • Safe from thieves, weather, and pets
  • Pass-code access for quick and easy utilization
  • Audible alarm signals with tampering or motion

Adding the LOXX BOXX App is parcel perfect!

With the Loxx Boxx App, management of your Loxx Boxx is at your fingertips. Utilizing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth the app greatly expands your Loxx Boxx’s capabilities.

+ Activity Monitoring

Receive real time activity updates and notifications for your shipments,  track your packages and receive delivery notifications.

+ Access

Allows the carrier to open the Loxx Boxx with the last  4 digits of the tracking number.  This feature maximizes the security your Loxx Boxx, preventing a carrier from reusing an access code to re-enter your Loxx Boxx.   Utilize a personally assigned access code. Share one time pass-codes with friends. Name custom pass-codes for unique deliveries and open the Boxx utilizing your phones Bluetooth capabilities.


+ Notifications

Receive real time notifications of Loxx Boxx  activity, current parcel location and full tracking,  internal temperature, or tampering.


+ Basics

Monitor the Loxx Boxx delivery history, battery life, and updates from your mobile device using from the Loxx Boxx app.

 App Features Video