More than just a steel box...

...and easy to use.

+ Revolutionary Access Control Provides Maximum Security.

  • Loxx Boxx automatically uses the carriers' tracking numbers to create one-time use access codes.
  • No need to worry about your code getting into the wrong hands
  • Carrier can only access the Boxx once per delivery.
  • The App intelligently updates status of deliveries involving more than one package.
  • Flexibility to create tracking codes for friends and family that are shared from the App (One-time or recurring).
  • Creating a Unique Access Code from the App is simple.

+ Loxx Boxx App Automatically Tracks Packages from Shipment to Delivery.

  • Tracking for all deliveries is quick, easy and in one place.  
  • Maintains the history of deliveries and access code usage for additional security
  • Other solutions require user accounts with each carrier for delivery notification.
  • Loxx Boxx eliminates the need to search through emails, to review multiple apps to know where your packages are in transit.
  • Sharing a Tracking Number is as easy as using the “hover” feature on your smart phone. How to Share Tracking Numbers Video

+ Loxx Boxx App Sends Real-Time Notifications of All Boxx Activity to Your Mobile Device.

  • Know the moment your package arrives.
  • Know which package has arrived and the access code used.
  • Know when unauthorized access has been attempted (Tamper Alert).
  • Know the temperature when groceries are delivered to preserve freshness.
  • You are never left guessing. You know what was delivered, when and by whom.

    + Internal Temperature Monitoring          

    • No need to be home to accept grocery deliveries.
    • User can set the threshold for temperature notifications.
    • Allows for contactless delivery and gives you the freedom to accept perishable deliveries without letting someone inside your home.
    • Selecting Grocery as a delivery type automatically turns on temperature monitoring.

    + Bluetooth Unlock Feature        

    • Unlocks the Loxx Boxx from the App
    • Quick, easy for your convenience
    + Alarm  
    • Built in Alarm serves as a theft deterrent.
    • The alarm is an added layer of protection and security and if triggered, sends you a notification.

    + Heavy Duty Steel Boxx 

    • Weather, Pet and Theft Resistant
    • Durable UV Resistant Exterior Finish
    • Welded for Strength
    • No Assembly Required
    • Allows for quick set up and no need to screw together panels.

    + Cord Free with Portable Powerbank for Charging

    • No ugly cords or need for an outlet
    • Freedom to place the Boxx in the location you choose.

    + Technology Updates

    • Loxx Boxx receives updates each time it is opened.
    • Loxx Boxx is in continuous development of our products, for security and ease of use, these updated features are included as part of our service.

    + Long Life Battery             

    • No need for frequent charging, battery lasts 6-12 weeks
    • The app even lets you know when the battery is low.

    App Features Video