Loxx Boxx App for Rental Tenants

$1.99 per month

  • Product Description

      If your complex provides a Loxx Boxx you will need to select the App for Rental Tenants below and Register for the $1.99 per month App Subscription.

      With the Loxx Boxx App, management of your Loxx Boxx is at your fingertips. Utilizing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth the app greatly expands your Loxx Boxx’s capabilities.

      App Features Video

      + Activity Monitoring

      Receive real time activity updates and notifications for your shipments,  track your packages and receive delivery notifications.

      + Access

      Allows the carrier to open the Loxx Boxx with the last  4 digits of the tracking number.  This feature maximizes the security your Loxx Boxx, preventing a carrier from reusing an access code to re-enter your Loxx Boxx.   Utilize a personally assigned access code. Share one time pass-codes with friends. Name custom pass-codes for unique deliveries and open the Boxx utilizing your phones Bluetooth capabilities.

       + Notifications

      Receive real time notifications of Loxx Boxx  activity, current parcel location and full tracking,  internal temperature, or tampering.

       + Basics

      Monitor the Loxx Boxx delivery history, battery life, and updates from your mobile device using from the Loxx Boxx app.


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