Protect Prime Purchases for Free!

Protect Prime Purchases for Free!

Package theft has become a $20 billion dollar problem in the US but now there is a way to protect your packages from theft for “free”.  Loxx Boxx, a leading provider of smart home parcel boxes, has introduced Loxx Boxx Treasure, a program that offers discounts and special offers for products and services that are used every day.  This affiliate program includes hundreds of monthly offers with a total value of well over $5,000 at any given time.

So not only can you protect your packages from theft by purchasing a Loxx Boxx, the most advanced digitally-enabled steel parcel box, but you can use savings from Loxx Boxx Treasure to offset the cost of the box and monthly subscription (only $1.99). 

In addition to the value offered by Treasure, Loxx Boxx is so confident in its ability to prevent package theft that they provide a safe receipt guarantee for subscribers to cover theft of an item out of the box up to $500 in value. 

More effective than doorbell cameras Loxx Boxx makes sure you don’t have to watch your packages walk away, they actually stop the theft. 

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