How To Stop Porch Pirates at Christmas

How To Stop Porch Pirates at Christmas

How To Stop Porch Pirates at Christmas. Stealing Christmas Presents is a special kind of evil. And unfortunately, it’s not just for Dr. Seuss reruns. Porch Pirates are browsing your neighborhood as you read this, looking to steal unattended packages from your front door. And you can bet they’re gearing up for the holiday season. It’s time to get proactive about your package security, and to take steps to protect your deliveries and gifts.

Online shopping’s been booming for a while, and even more since COVID-19 hit. But the crimes have been rising at the same rate. About 1 in every 5 Americans have had a package stolen from their porch, but only a third of them have done anything to protect themselves. In New York City alone, almost 90,000 packages go missing each day. We think that’s completely unacceptable, so we’re going to give you some tips to help you stop Porch Pirates. 

  • Get a Loxx Boxx - Loxx Boxx is a secure smart locker that delivery drivers can put your packages in. With the convenient app-based access system, the only people able to access that box will be the carriers themselves, and you. Which will also keep kids from opening their presents too early.



  • Installing a Camera - This is more of a deterrent than a security measure. And not much of a deterrent at that! Just do a google search for porch pirate videos and you can see that these scoundrels seem to like being filmed. Even if they’re caught on camera, it doesn’t mean you get your stuff back or that they go to jail. Police have more pressing matters than following up on a video of a package theft.
  • Change Your Delivery Options - Whatever delivery service you use, they offer extra selections to make your life easier. If you have a Loxx Boxx simply request packages be left in the secure smart box. Other options: ask for a signature on delivery, or tell your post office to hold the packages until you come and get them. See if you can reschedule the preferred delivery time. You may even be able to leave instructions for the delivery driver to put boxes out of sight.
  • Get help from friends and neighbors - If you know someone who’s going to be home and they don’t mind, ask them to keep an eye out for your deliveries. If you’re on very good terms, you may even send your packages to them and pick them up later. Hey, maybe even your job won’t mind you having packages delivered there.
  • Block Line of Sight - Even for a porch pirate, time is money. They’re looking for packages they can see. Consider changing how well they can see your deliveries from the street. Plant some bushes, or add something to that porch they can’t walk away with to keep your deliveries out of their cross-hairs.

You want to build precious memories this holiday season, and you don’t want one of those memories to be how you got robbed because you didn’t prepare. So be sure you take at least some of this advice and protect yourself. If you want the most foolproof and economical solution, get a secure Loxx Boxx Smart Locker. You can call us today at 336.891.2559, or contact us by clicking here.

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